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Permanent Court of International Justice

Series A: Collection of Judgments (1923-1930)
Series B: Collection of Advisory Opinions (1923-1930)
Series A/B: Collection of Judgments, Orders and Advisory Opinions (from 1931)
Series C: Acts and documents relating to Judgments and Advisory Opinions given by the Court / Pleadings, Oral Arguments and Documents
Series D: Acts and Documents concerning the organization of the Court
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JF Programme Name Nationality University
2000-2001 Robert Dufresne New York University
Edda Kristjansdottir New York University
Wiebke Ruckert New York University
Ludivine Tamiotti New York University
Jeremy Zucker New York University
2002-2003 Simon De Smet Belgium Columbia University
Chiara Giorgetti Italy Yale University
Judith Levine Australia New York University
lana Petculescu Romania University of Strasbourg
Anne Rübesame Germany New York University
2003-2004 Daphné Richmond France Yale University
Aline Humbert France University of Strasbourg
Miša Zgonec-Rožej Slovenia Columbia University
Sandesh Sivakumaran UK New York University
José Ricardo Feris Dominican Republic New York University
Christopher J. Le Mon USA New York University
Marco Divac Oberg Denmark New York University
2004-2005 Cristina Hoss Germany Max Planck Institute for comparative public law and public international law
Sonia Boutillon France University of Michigan
Makane Moise Mbengue Senegal University of Geneva
Amal Alamuddin UK/Lebanon New York University
Philippa Webb Australia Yale University
Emma Lindsay UK New York University
Assel Sautova Kazakhstan University of Strasbourg
Natalya Scimeca USA Columbia University
Carsten Hoppe Germany University of Michigan
Sean Fraser Canada McGill University
2005-2006 David Fennelly Ireland New York University
Céline Folsche France University of Strasbourg
James Harris USA University of Virginia
Chie Kojima Japan Yale University
Olivia Le Fort Switzerland University of Geneva
Viren Mascarenhas India/Portugal Columbia University
Jason Morgan-Foster USA University of Michigan
Pierre-Olivier Savoie Canada McGill University
Jessica Simonoff USA Georgetown University
2006-2007 Régine Gachoud Switzerland/Haiti University of Geneva
Kimberley Trapp Canada McGill University
Viviane Meunier France Yale University
Peter Prows USA New York University
Marko Milanovic Serbia University of Michigan
Najwa Nabti USA University of Virginia
Cecily Rose USA Columbia University
Rebecca Jenkin Australia/UK Australian National University
David K. Nanopoulos France/Greece University of Strasbourg
2007-2008 Robyn Briese Australia University of Canberra
Chloé Fersing France University of Strasbourg
Jason Biros USA Columbia University
Stephan Schill Germany New York University
Nina Rabaeus Switzerland University of Geneva
Noam Wiener Israel University of Michigan
Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry Canada McGill University
Pamela Bookman USA University of Virginia
Cristina Villarino Villa Spain Yale University
2008-2009 Naomi Burke Ireland New York University
Flor de Maria Palaco Caballero Peru University of Strasbourg
Patrick Delaney Australia/UK Australian National University
Daniel Fromm USA George Washington University
Ted Kill USA University of Michigan
Bart Szewczyk USA/Poland Yale University
Kathleen Cronin-Furman USA Columbia University
Vincent-Joël Proulx Canada McGill University
Chad Farrell USA University of Virginia
Armel Lali Benin University of Geneva
2009-2010 Fernando Bordin Brazil New York University
Jennifer Cavanagh Australia/UK Australian National University
Stéphanie De Dycker Belgium/Switzerland University of Geneva
Veronika Fikfak Slovenia University of Oxford
Kyle Gervais Canada McGill University
Andreas Müller Austria Yale University
Klara Polackova Czech Republic University of Michigan
Caitlin Stapleton USA University of Virginia
Daniel Stewart USA/UK Columbia University
Shana Tabak USA Georgetown University
Francisco Pascual Vives Spain University of Alcalá
Luke Wilson USA George Washington University
2010-2011 Bryar Baban Iraq University of Strasbourg
Diane A. Desierto Philippines Yale University
Ernesto Féliz Dominican Republic University of Oxford
Filippo Fontanelli Italy New York University
Annalise Nelson USA University of Virginia
Emily S. Newton USA George Washington University
Alexia Solomou Cyprus Columbia University
Jasmine Wahhab Canada McGill University
2011-2012 Antonios Antonopoulos Greece University of Virginia
Uzma S. Burney Pakistan University of Michigan
Ellie Fogarty Australia Australian National University
Liang-Ying Tan Singapore National University of Singapore
Jay Butler Bermuda/UK Yale University
Maria Angelica Burgos Colombia New York University
Mélanie Beaumier Canada University of Ottawa
Absalam Mammadov Azerbaijan University of Strasbourg
2012-2013 Daniel Purisch USA Harvard University
Emma Dunlop Australia University of Oxford
Zhuo Jun Jennifer Lim Singapore University of Columbia
Anne Coulon France New York University
Sébastien Rosselet Switzerland University of Geneva
Ciara Murphy Ireland University of Michigan
Shashank Kumar India Yale University
Andrés Villegas Colombia Universidad de los Andes
2013-2014 Jessica Howley UK/Australia University of Oxford
Merryl Lawry-White UK New York University
Gregor Novak Croatia Yale University
Asier Garrido Muñoz Spain University of Alcalá
Amelia Tess Keen New Zealand Columbia University
Elinathan Ohiomoba USA Harvard University
Jean-Paul Saucier Calderón Canada/Peru McGill University
Sarah St. Vincent USA/Italy University of Michigan
2014-2015 Miriam Boxberg Germany/Netherlands University of Cambridge
Ananda Burra India University of Michigan
Emilie Conway Canada McGill University
Maxime Lenoir France University of Geneva
Liu Yang China Tsinghua University
Andrew Mamo USA Harvard University
Paul Mertenskotter Germany New York University
Tulio Di Giacomo Toledo Brazil/Italy George Washington University
2015-2016 Jessica Joly Hébert Canada McGill University
Haoua Savadogo Burkina Faso University of Geneva
Katelyn Horne USA Columbia University
Alexandre Genest Canada University of Ottawa
Karen Janssens Belgium University of Virginia
Laila Hamzi Australia London School of Economics
Sukriti India National University of Singapore
Jiang Bin China Peking University
Rosalind Elphick South Africa/Ireland University of Michigan
Miles Michael Jackson South Africa/UK University of Oxford
Manuel Casas Martínez Venezuela Yale University
Aishani Gupta India New York University
Caroline Kimeu Kenya Harvard University
Douglas Pivnichny USA Washington University in St. Louis
Younes Saci Algeria The Pennsylvania State University
2016-2017 Bruno Gélinas-Faucher Canada University of Ottawa
Mawuse Vormawor Ghana Harvard University
Peter Tzeng USA Yale University
Daniel Kaasik Estonia University of Oxford
Guillaume Guez France University of Geneva
Michele Krech Canada New York University
Daniel Regan Ireland London School of Economics
Shang Weiwei China Peking University
Muhammad Syafruddin Indonesia University of Virginia
Chaka Laguerre Jamaica/USA/UK University of Michigan
Portia Karegeya Uganda McGill University
Claire O’Connell USA Columbia University
Michelle Owusu Ghana/Canada York University
Harry Aitken Australia Australian National University
Teresa Mayr Austria Leiden University
2017-2018 Eliane Dupere-Tremblay Canada University of Ottawa
Rina Kuusipalo Finland Stanford University
Samuel Chang USA Harvard University
Sotirios-Ioannis Lekkas Greece University of Oxford
Justin Fisch, replaced by Rachel Zuroff as of 27/11/2017 Canada McGill University
Rachel Zuroff USA/Canada McGill University
Branwen Francis USA/UK University of British Columbia
Ryce Lee Singapore National University of Singapore
Gulardi Nurbintoro Indonesia University of Virginia
Julia Sherman Canada/UK Columbia University
Callum Musto UK/Australia London School of Economics
Nawi Ukabiala Nigeria/USA New York University
Yusra Suedi Tanzania/Switzerland University of Geneva
Kritika Sharma India Leiden University
Gunjan Chawla India Georgetown University
Marcos Garcia Dominguez Argentina University of Chicago
Erin Collins USA University of Michigan
2018-2019 Sara Mansour Fallah Austria G. Washington University
Timothy McKenzie USA New York University
Jonathan Brosseau-Rioux Canada McGill University
Daphné Amouna France Georgetown University
Momchil Milanov Bulgaria University of Geneva
Anna Sruthi John Australia/India Leiden University
Martin Willner USA Columbia University
Amir Farhadi USA/Ireland/Iran Harvard University
Kirsten Storey Australia/UK Australian National University
Gayathiri Vellore Ekambaram India Chanakya National Law University
Camila Mariño Colombia Stanford University
Yulia Ioffe Ukraine Oxford University
Beatrice Walton USA Yale University
Florian Knerr Germany University of Virginia
Marcos Kotlik Argentina University of Michigan
2019-2020 Sally O'Donnell Australia Australian National University
Catalina Fernández Carter Chile University of Cambridge
Anika Havaldar USA/India Columbia University
Apollin Koagne Zouapet Cameroon University of Geneva
Julie Baleynaud France/Germany Georgetown University
Nayomi Goonesekere Sri Lanka George Washington University
Ashrutha Rai India Harvard University
Nicolas Bianchi Argentina Leiden University
Iñaki Navarrete-Arechavaleta Canada/Chile McGill University
Nadia Alhadi USA University of Michigan
Felix Boos Germany New York University
Zachary Vermeer Australia University of Oxford
Yu Hsiang Huang China Peking University
McCoy Pitt USA University of Virginia
Shikha Garg US/Australia Yale University
2020-2021 Idriss Fofana Ivory Coast/USA Yale University
Li Zhenni China Cornell University
Thomas Sparks UK Max Planck Institute
Lucas Mathieu France McGill University
Perpétua Chéry Haïti/USA Georgetown University
Lisandra Novo USA Harvard University
Tay Wei Xuan Singapore Nationality University of Singapore
Hannes Jöbstl Austria University of Oxford
Afia Kwakwa Ghana/Switzerland/USA Columbia University
Mohit Khubchandani India Stanford University
Ayse Guzel Ozturk Turkey George Washington University
Céline Braumann Austria New York University
Agathe Niveleau France University of Angers
Nicola Nesi Italy/France University of Leiden
Dean Rosenberg Australia/Poland University of Cambridge
Aditya Laddha India University of Geneva
2021-2022 Terrence Neal USA Harvard University
Olivia Le Menestrel France Georgetown University
Camille Boileau Australia/France University of Cambridge
Eglantine Jamet France University of Leiden
Camille Letoublon France University of Geneva
Ana Luquerna Colombia/France University of Chicago
Islam Attia Mohamed Egypt Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Mao Xiao China Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Kamille Adair Morgan Jamaica University of Oxford
Tanishtha Vaid India New York University
Sara Kaufhardt USA Columbia University
Joelle Hageboutros Lebanon/USA University of Pennsylvania
Christopher Bello Mexico/Belgium/Canada/USA University of Stanford
Wang Yifei China University of Xiamen
Emma Macfarlane Canada University of Michigan

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