Declarations recognizing the jurisdiction of the Court as compulsory


21 October 1991

I, Arnold Ruutel, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia, declare on behalf of the Republic of Estonia and in accordance with the Resolution of September 26, 199l of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia, that the Republic of Estonia recognizes as compulsory ipso facto and without special agreement, in relation to any other State accepting the same obligation, on condition of reciprocity, the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, in conformity with paragraph 2 of Article 36 of the Statute of the Court, provided that this declaration shall not apply to disputes, the solution of which the parties shall entrust to other tribunals by virtue of agreements already in existence or which may be concluded in the future.

Tallinn, 10 October 1991.

(Signed) A. RUUTEL,

Chairman of the Supreme Council.