Declarations recognizing the jurisdiction of the Court as compulsory


17 June 1958

[Translation from the French]

I declare on behalf of the Belgian Government that I recognize as compulsory ipso facto and without special agreement, in relation to any other State accepting the same obligation, the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, in conformity with Article 36, paragraph 2, of the Statute of the Court, in legal disputes arising after 13 July 1948 concerning situations or facts subsequent to that date, except those in regard to which the parties have agreed or may agree to have recourse to another method of pacific settlement.

This declaration is made subject to ratification. It shall take effect on the day of deposit of the instrument of ratification for a period of five years. Upon the expiry of that period, it shall continue to have effect until notice of its termination is given.

Brussels, 3 April 1958.

(Signed) V. LAROCK,

Minister of Foreign Affairs.